Was My Debit Card Information Stolen?

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Today I received an e-mail saying I had insufficient funds for a purchase. I haven’t used my debit card since 11/19 at 711. I went online and checked my statements and it showed a purchase for history channel shop for $33.90. It said exactly: CHECK CRD PURCHASE 11/28 DA AETN SHOP DAI shop hist CA. Does the CA mean that it was done in California, or is that just where the history channel shop headquarters is? I live in Florida.
I’ve only had about $6 bucks in this account since 11/20 when I paid my car insurance. So, they basically chose to steal money from someone who didn’t have it.
I decided to look at my mail (Wells Fargo) and I opened a letter saying that a request for a new debit card occurred a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t make this request. I usually don’t open my mail since I look at my account info on the Wells Fargo website. They hadn’t mentioned this online (yes, I know I should have opened my mail). I called WF and told them, they canceled the transaction and I submitted a claim. I also said I would prosecute the person who did this (would that cost money?).
How would someone go about stealing my information like this? How does it work?
The funny thing is, on the view-able online transaction, it says the first few numbers and last few numbers of the card. It matches the card I have in my hand. So does that mean they didn’t use the new one that was requested? I don’t understand.
I made a purchase from history shop quite a while ago for my dad for Father’s Day. Does that have any correlation? Or did someone locally steal my account number (like a waitress or a store)?
I never let anyone use my card and only I know my pin number (but you don’t need a pin number online). Since it always asks for the expiration date and the 3-digit number on the back, does that mean someone physically saw my card and wrote it down? Or can you get this info online?
Thanks SO SO SO much for your help. Any help at all is appreciated. I don’t understand how this happened at all.
Additional Details
If you decide not to read all that, I’m basically asking how people do this.
There’s not a person in my house who would do that. It’s only my parents and they don’t even know how to use a computer. The purchase was made online with no pin number.
They always worry about my money and give me money, they’d never take it from me. Plus they don’t even know my pin number.

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