Is It Safe To Buy Things From China On Sites Like Ebay And Etsy?

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so I was just randomly on etsy, and I found these reasonably priced and unique pocket watches. My best friend loves pocket watches, so I was thinking about getting one for her for her birthday :] however, I know that my family has always been hesitant to order from overseas because it used to be that you couldn’t track shipping outside of the us (is that still true?)
and something I always thought about was chemicals. In America, I feel like stuff seems to be more likely to be regulated with like levels of lead and stuff, whereas I know some other countries policies on levels of stuff aren’t always as high as ours…on the pocket watch descriptions, some say like lead and nickle free, and others don’t…
I was also thinking about buying a silicone phone case from china on ebay because it’s like $1.50 with free shipping 😛
so my two questions are: 1. can you track shipping from overseas now? and 2. is it physically safe to buy things from places like china?
Thanks!!! 😀
p.s. would it be safe for me to pay for these items with a prepaid credit card? Thanks! 😀

300 x 250


2 Responses to “Is It Safe To Buy Things From China On Sites Like Ebay And Etsy?”
  1. Ch.Rosha says:

    Yes,its completely safe and great

  2. formulaf says:

    1. You cant track things going to China but you can track things from China. 2. There is some risk of getting poor quality items from China, they may contain lead or other harmful contaminants because their control standards are much poorer than other countries.3. It is safe to pay through paypal, even with your personal credit card. If you wanna buy a pocket watch, go to eBay and buy one from the U.S. Keep your money in the USA.