How long does it take for a debit card to come in the mail?

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Last week I and my sister applied for a prepaid debit card online, but us and her kids had to move (Boiler issues/fumes) and filed a change of Address with the Post Office.

We checked at our Post Office last Saturday and found our "confirmation of change of address" from USPS in our PO Box. It’s just that the Debit Card website said that the card "should arrive In 7 days". But because we received our confirmation in the mail on last Saturday after we applied for the card, will the Debit Card come to our PO Box on time?

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  1. fir3bu1k says:

    Many USPS employees are no-account shiftless bums and will institute an illegal local policy not to honor a change of address request. There is a good chance that your debit cards could be delivered to your old address and you will lose your money. You need to contact your financial institution and cancel the previously ordered debit cards and then order new debit cards to be sent to your new address. WARNING: Disregard the nonsense spouted by the misanthropic postal worker.

  2. bulkmailtech_usps says:

    Do not interpret "should arrive in 7 days" as will arrive in 7 days". If the sender allows for the forwarding of the card, and it is sent to the old address first, it may be longer than 7 days. It will get there when it gets there.